Hello there loves! Yesterday’s not really a good day for me. I had trouble getting up in the morning due to lower back pain that didn’t seem to go away. The same reason why I am posting this a bit late and for that I apologize. Anyway, let’s forget about the pain and the bed scene (I literally stayed in bed the whole day) and move on to how I picked my winners for my 3rd BLOGiversary giveaway. I only used rafflecopter to record all the entries but chose the winners according to the amount of entries earned. Since rafflecopter is choosing winners via random, I find it unfair for those who put more effort in gaining their entries, that is why I always make sure to validate every entries recorded. Without further ado, here’s the list of those who joined the giveaway grouped by names with the entries each individuals earned:

And the winners are:
EmCel Fajardo and Leny Del Gallego Martinez who both earned 49 entries. CONGRATULATIONS winners!

I already emailed GlamourboxPH team regarding the boxes for the winners and they will ship them today. Yay! Again, congratulations and thank you all for joining. xo

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