Giveaway Winners and How I Picked Them

Hello there loves! Yesterday's not really a good day for me. I had trouble getting up in the morning due to lower back pain that didn't seem to go away. The same reason why I am posting this a bit late and for that I apologize. Anyway, let's forget about the pain and the bed scene (I literally stayed in bed the whole day) and move on to how I picked my winners for my 3rd BLOGiversary giveaway. I only used rafflecopter to record all the entries but chose the winners according to the amount of entries earned. Since rafflecopter is choosing winners via random, I find it unfair for those who put more effort in gaining their entries, that is why I always make sure to validate every entries recorded. Without further ado, here's the list of those who joined the giveaway grouped by names with the entries each individuals earned:

BLOGiversary: My Third Year + Giveaway

Hello friends and lovers! I can't believe Goddess in Disguise just turned three. This post is actually a little late but YES my blog is up for three years already. Sometimes, I feel like a pro and often, a newbie! I admit I still have so much to learn.

My journey to three has never been easy. On and off and sometimes MIA for months. I found it hard to update this blog after giving birth to my son last year. I had hard time checking mails and notifications on social media. I am exclusively breastfeeding him and doing so every after two hours when he was younger gave me less time for other things. And when he's asleep, I usually found myself resting as well. But having him makes my life even more wonderful, I am always at my happiest because of him. So much for that, I'm already giggling for excitement.

#PullItOff with ACER this School Year!

It’s back-to-school season again! Ready for long study notes, endless reviews, challenging projects? Global tech titan, Acer got you covered! #PullitOff this school year with Aspire Switch 12, Aspire Switch 11 and Aspire Switch 10 E! 
Acer Aspire Switch 12 is an intuitive and immersive 5-in-1 device that can be used as a laptop, tablet with keyboard or not, or even as a desktop PC through its 5 modes—notebook, pad, display, tent and desktop.

Shop, Reserve, Dine and Save cleverly!

Hey bellas! It's back to school already and to a busy student life. I am sure you will miss the times you went strolling at the mall, dine outs and of course shopping. You probably still have time to do that but not as often as you did during vacation, right? I remember back in college where I used to sneak a time during my break to go to nearby department stores to check what's new and what's for sale. On-sale items were always my main target up to now, after all, being a hardworking student deserved a treat, a discount perhaps. Now being a full time mom feels the same. I don't get to do the same stuffs. Everything is totally different but I am loving what I am now even more. And of course I always get some help to be able to still do the things I love.

Comfit Digital Magazine ft. Liza Soberano

Do you believe in forever? This is not about forever though! How about 'Forevermore'? You're a fan, I know that! I am too. And every thing in that teleserye makes me kilig! Anyway, Comfit Digital Magazine from Zalora Philippines is featuring Liza Soberano. This Filipino-American actress and model shares her favorite things on this issue. And of course, I am sharing you the digital copy that Miss Toni from Zalora sent. Enjoy.
Click the above photo to get directed to the Digital Magazine.