Quick Visit to Aguinid Falls

One of the best things about touring somewhere is when you do it unplanned. And this visit is one of them. I really don't have plan going out that time because I was afraid my son won't be comfortable there. He's still too young though to know where he likes and where he doesn't want to be. Fortunately, mother fetched us and told me it's safe there even for small kids.

The Day My Life Begins

I know it's been a while since I last updated this blog. A very long absence indeed. It was a good one though! And I missed sharing things here so bad. I've got so much to tell to you all from a life switching moment to the most beautiful time of my life. I would like to start on my journey to motherhood. So please stay with me, would you?

36 Days of BUQO Christmas

It's the time for a Merrier Christmas to all the readers out there as Buqo, a home for bestselling Pinoy eBooks and eMagazines, marks its first Christmas with an awesome treat just for you.

Glamourbox - #BeautiesAndBabies

Unboxing! Unboxing! Unboxing! Do I sound so excited? Because I do. I've known Glamourbox since I started blogging but didn't have the guts to get a box from them (aside that I do not know how things work with them) though I've seen boxes from some bloggers I know. Lucky for me this month that I got to see an instagram post from one of the bloggers I'm following and I'm so thrilled to try the products in the box. Beauties and Babies box is so special since it contains products not just for glam moms but for babies as well. How refreshing that the box isn't just for me, and by that, YES I'm now a mother, a new one and the proudest.

Elegant Women Map Pattern PU Leather Handbag + Tmart Review

Finally, I'm officially back. It's been 4 months since I last posted an update on this blog and I'm missing it badly. It felt like something is missing on me. Good news that I'm back on track. :) Things have somehow changed for that short span of time but for so many beautiful reasons. And that's a long story to tell, on my next post maybe :p
Anywhoo, since I don't have much time to go out yet for shopping or treats for myself, I am thankful that online shopping exists. I really do. It saves more time and effort. Lol! And with so many online shops all over the world, it makes it even more easier for me to buy stuffs I need. Good thing there's Tmart.com too. It has thousands of products to choose at a pretty low price. All in one at Tmart. Plus, a worldwide free shipping. Yes, it is free. We all love it, don't we?
Next to my love for shoes are shoulder bags and handbags and that's what I exactly get from Tmart. Tmart Elegant Women Map Pattern PU Leather Zipper Closure Handbags Yellow came just in time.