The Harshest Things You'll Ever Learn About Love

I am a very sensitive person when it comes to love. I tend to believe that once a person is in love, it always end in spending the rest of their lives together. Love isn't a fairy tale after all, I realized this after my first heartbroken moment. Happy endings don't always exist for two people bind by love. And what we see in romantic movie ain't always the same in real life. A fantasy that is never close to reality.

Back in high school years where I used to read novels, I often imagined an amazing life of love like the characters in it. I stopped when I knew that it will never going to be like such. Not always. Been hurt and broken, but the important thing is to get up and start again.

Three Shades

I admit I am pretty much good at going out bare face. Literally naked face since most of my time are spent preparing for my son's stuff. And do not worry about it, it's perfectly okay to not wear anything at all on the face except for a sunscreen  when you'll be exposed outside. Just smile and remember that confidence is the key. Anyway, I am sometimes (most of the time I mean), settled with just fixing my eyebrows and putting up a lipstick. I believe that I do not need to wear anything fancy because how you carry yourself will mostly define you.

Sugbo Mercado Weekend Food and Lifestyle Market

Sugbo Mercado Weekend Food and Lifestyle Market will finally hit the public this coming September 25, 2015! Starting with fifty food and lifestyle product providers, Sugbo Mercado will be the first and the biggest year-round weekly food and lifestyle market in Cebu!
Located on a wooded, grassy knoll at the corner of Geonzon and Villa Streets (beside Avida Showroom Office) in IT Park, Sugbo Mercado is proud to partner with Cebu Holdings Incorporated. We bring together the best of the best of Cebu as well as budding new entrepreneurs in the local food & lifestyle products industry to showcase their products in a tour de force of local pride.
Joining us for our launching weekend are our co-presentors: the biggest global brand in online classifieds, OLX Philippines; the purveyor of the Philippine Experience, The Islands Group; and Digitel Mobile Philippines’ Sun Cellular.

Popular Dress Style for the Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids are important and honorable guests at the wedding, so when planning the feast, one should take care of bridesmaids’ dresses style.

It would be nice to ask the other guests’ advice and listen to their ideas on bridesmaids’ dress style choice, as well as to know in advance what other guests are going to wear. Bride should be undoubtedly the most attractive and elegant person at the wedding. The maids should decorate her just like flowers the whole wedding day, so one should discuss in advance all possible bridesmaids’ attires. It will look magnificent if all maids wear similar style dresses.

Long floor-length dresses. This is a perfect and the most appropriate finery for the bridesmaids. The best tones for such dresses are: blue, pink, yellow, light green, violet, silver shades, lavender and fuchsia colors. A dress should be moderately decorated with rhinestones, tinsel and flowers, but one should be very attentive here so as not to let the gloss of the bridesmaids’ dress overshadow the bride. Modest purple bridesmaid dresses are very popular in 2015.

Online Shopping and Motherhood

I believe the title makes it pretty obvious to what this post is all about. Pardon me for I am not good at teasing you. But I will try next time. Hihihi. Let me start with telling you that since I became a mother, shopping (physically) has turned dreamy. Not that i can't find time but because the fact that I'm breastfeeding my son (up to now) I have to bring him wherever I go. Of course, that's fine because I always need to be with him too. But going out for shopping is such a hassle. Hassle because my son doesn't want to ride in a stroller the entire time and carrying him while looking for something is a pain in my back and because I have to carry his stuffs too. Fitting is also impossible, not unless I have someone with me to look after my son while at the fitting room.