Weekend Madness: 'That Dress'

Starting today, I will be posting my weekend madness featuring my random thoughts, tales, hang-ups and wish lists and anything that comes out of my mind in connection with what this blog is all about, of course. Let me start with a hang-up!
It's November and it's the same month I got the chance to wear one of Cebu's young designer's creation. Back in 2011 when my cousin was about to get married, I was chosen to be one of the bridesmaids. The rule was to wear anything we like as long as it matches the wedding's motif. Of course, that's always something to look forward to. Not every bridesmaid are given the freedom to choose their dress style. I was lucky enough to know someone who can provide me the dress I like. A talented and a good friend, James CaƱete (may he rest in peace), handed me his creations in drawings. Choosing one was actually hard, I wanted to have all the designs he made for me, however, I only had to choose one.
James Canete Creation
Since the dress had to be long, I chose one that will not cover my shoulders for it to be balanced and so I won't look covered from head to toe. I also wanted a simple one to not steal everyone's attention. Of course, the center of attraction should be the couple especially the bride. The dress came with an instruction on how to wear it and what accessories to pick by James himself. I was also told on how to style my hair. I'm such a lucky client. Lol!
James Canete Creation
James Canete Creation
James Canete Creation

James Canete Creation
This made me missed my long hair. Now, that's a hang-up! I wore this only once. I might look for an event that might need me to wear this one again. Hahaha. What do you think of this dress?

P.S.: Took the photos above using a smartphone only. That's pretty obvious, I guess!

Lace Dresses: Yes or No?

Anything lace always has a trend factor and it always has a fashion hit even through the past decades. Not only for weddings and evening gowns but even casuals and cocktails. And mind you, lace dresses can fit in any occasions. It can be flirty yet formal, simple yet sexy. But of course, the kind of wear with lace will always depend on your choice.

Since I've been wanting to have one, I've done a quick research to where I should buy. I found one that will surely make every girl radiant and on the go. The Blue Chiffon Lace Short Sleeves Short Dress! This modest but playful collar dress looks sweet for every girl out there! It has light pleats on the skirt with curved edges for a sophisticated look. The inner fabric is beige in color to balance the sheerness of the chiffon material on the outside. 
This dress brings back the 1960's fashion craze. It makes you look more slender and taller due to its short length. Pair this dress with doll shoes for a great look! Now you're ready to go on your casual event. So, is it a yes or a no?
And not only that, this dress is also a good steal. Dress.Ph is offering this at Php924 only from the original price of Php4,740. You'll be able to save as much as Php3,816. This also comes in different sizes so no need to worry if you're chubby or slim. There are also lots of choices to choose from, you may want to check them now before they're gone. xo.

Review: Palmolive Naturals Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo and Conditioner

Palmolive Naturals Anti Hair Fall

Combining Keratin and 100% Natural Ginseng Extracts with Palmolive’s latest hair care science, Palmolive Naturals Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo and Conditioner nourish hair for up to 13x less hair fall. Hair remains to have the right fullness so you can style it in any way you want.
*Keratin penetrates the hair cuticle to bond brittle and broken hair strands. Ginseng stimulates the scalp and strengthens the surface layer of the hair, making it stronger. 

Palmolive, in general, is expected to have the sweetest fragrance when it comes to its shampoo and conditioner. Its latest variant never fails to surprise me. And it is by far my favorite. The scent lasted the whole day, even a day after. Although the conditioner is very light, both the shampoo and conditioner when used together makes a perfect combo. Great for everyday use.

Too early to say, but my hair is becoming a Palmolive baby. I don't usually get much time to comb my hair. More often than not, I'll leave them as is after taking a bath, or just finger combing them. Sometimes, I immediately tie them even when they're wet. With that, expect my hair to be dry and frizzy. This makes a good timing for Palmolive Anti-Hair Fall. After two weeks of using both the shampoo and conditioner, I noticed less hair fall. My hair is smooth and shiny even after a busy day. I didn't notice any difference with the strands though, but it feels like my hair is stronger now. They don't break easily when combed plus it feels so light. I also love how inexpensive they are, 180ml for less than a hundred is such a good deal.

Downside? There's none actually.

Have you tried this Palmolive's latest variant? Let me know how's your experience so far. Share them in the comment below. xo.

Trick or Treat?

It's almost the time of the year where the kid in me will come out, Halloween. While to some this may be just any ordinary day, the other part of the world is jumping for excitement. The trick-or-treating has always been fun for kids. However, the spooktacular parties thrown by your parents or the neighbors can become boring as you grow older. Well, there are always ways to throw an age-appropriate party. A themed party can be one.
trick or treat
How do you want to appear on your Halloween party? You can be a superhero or your favorite cartoon character or transform yourself into your favorite celebrity. But that may cost you a hundred few bucks for a one-time event. You can actually save money by doing 'dressed up' instead of a 'costume'. You really don't have to be scary. Unless the party is a majority for kids then if you can't be scary, at least be funny for them. You may also opt for an all black outfit - chic and modern way to style yourself. Just do a little trick on your makeup so you won't appear plain.

I do love dressing up, who doesn't anyway? And Halloween is undoubtedly the best time to do so. You can actually use items you already own instead of buying one at the mall, forget the rush at this moment. But then, why stop yourself when you really want to buy a new one? You can always check for the best and most affordable pieces online. Hence, I have marked down Zalora's Cyber Sale into my calendar to make sure I get a good steal. Here's my pick for an all black outfit:
Halloween outfit
Never leave your outfit preparation to the very last minute. What's your Halloween outfit idea? Share them in the comment below! xo!

Goddess In Disguise on Bloggys 2015

This year has been so good to this blog and yes Goddess In Disguise reached another milestone. Clap! Clap! Clap!
Goddess In Disguise made it to BlogMeter's list of Top 20 blog in the category Fashion and Beauty for the month of September. 

This month, Goddess In Disguise has been nominated by several netizens in #Bloggys2015, Philippine Blogging Awards. This is a nationwide event that aims to recognize the best Filipino blogs and bloggers. Awesome, right?

I am so proud that among 2,693 nominations, only 1,026 blogs reached the next level which is the voting stage, and Goddess In Disguise is one of them. These blogs are displayed in the 2015 Hall of Fame. I'd appreciate if you'll do me a little favor by voting for my blog.

The voting stage is to determine the secondary category winner, which is the "People's Choice" and it is the jury's decisions to choose the finalists and the primary category winners. Voting period officially started last October 5, 2015, and will end on October 31, 2015.

1. Go to this link - http://bloggys.ph/section-2
2. Look for goddessindisguise.com
3. Tick the check box then scroll down at the bottom of the page
4. Enter your Name, E-mail Address, Mobile Number (optional)
5. Click Vote via Facebook

Please note that you can only vote ONCE per section so make sure to tick the boxes of those blogs you'd like to vote. But before that, please support my fellow blogger friends from Cebu Blogging Community too.

Section 1 (A-D)


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goddessindisguise.com (ME!)

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Section 5 (T-Z)

To be part of the long list of nominees is already an achievement. I hope you'd spare a little of your time to vote for us. Thank you so much :)

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